Far Eastern Federal University

About University

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) was founded in the year 1899 at Vladivostok in Eastern Russia. Vladivostok is also known as Russia’s San Francisco and this is the administrative center of PrimorskyKrai.

FEFU is considered to be one of the top Universities selected by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. It helps in enhancing the international competitiveness of Russian Universities among the world’s leading research and education centers. Moreover, in November 2014, FEFU Laboratory Building was visited by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. This Laboratory Building is one of the largest scientific laboratories of the University and has a collection of great experimental equipments.

FEFU is the center of the Asia Pacific Region which is now one of the most dynamically developing parts of the world. After completing the respective course, the students are given a chance to become the part of top medical organization. This place is the second pole of a world civilization which includes the leading countries across the globe, such as China, the United States, Japan, India and many world-famed metropolitan cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Seoul.

With over 200 highly skilled and specialized staff, FEFU Medical Center provides with the special medical facilities to their patients. These specialized doctors have been invited in other parts of Russia as well as to other countries. FEFU MC is stretched at the area of 53,000 square meters (approx.). It consists of 14 medical departments that specialize in neurology, and neurosurgery, orthopedics, women health, otorhinolaryngology, urinology, general surgery, internal medicine, rehabilitation, interventional cardiology, child health, intensive care unit, etc. every unit provides accommodation facilities- double rooms, comfortable single and VIP. The Rehabilitation Center is provided with 100-room hotel space which is the significant part of FEFU MC.

FEFU has been the flag bearer of high tech education system. Its medical equipment has been produced by the leaders of the medical industry with high tech medical assistance. Some of the leaders are Siemens, Philips, Draeger, KarlStorz.

MBBS Fee of Far Eastern Federal University
Tuition Fee 1st Year Fee ( 2st Year ) Fee ( 3rd Year ) Fee ( 4th Year ) Fee ( 5th Year ) Fee ( 6th Year ) Grand Total
4800 USD 4800 USD 4800 USD 4800 USD 4800 USD 4800 USD 28800 USD