Siberian State Medical University

About University

Siberian state Medical University is founded in the year 1878. It is one of the highly reputable School of medicine in Russia. The University has given many top experienced physicians who are well-known all across the globe. The students who graduate from this University are well established. Among these graduates, there are 42 academicians, two presidents of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and 25 associate members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Siberian State Medical University ‘s mission and vision is advancing patients’ care and public health issues through teaching, researching and clinical excellence in the Russian Federation. The core aim of this University is to improve the quality of living of the people through new educational systems, research, and patients’ well-being. The faculty offers top-notch training, educational and research opportunities to their students.

The oldest department of the University is the Department of General Medicine. It is one of the largest departments at Siberian State Medical University as it has 29 theoretical and clinical divisions. More than 5500 students from 55 regions from Russia and 28 foreign countries have been graduated from here.

MBBS Fee of Siberian State Medical University
Fee Pattern Total Fee ( 1st Year ) Total Fee ( 2nd-6th Per Year ) Grand Total
Per Year 6150 USD 5150 USD 31,900 USD